Clarification Text

Last Update: Tuesday, 18 October 2022


Dear Visitor,

We, as 90Piksel (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) take measures with the intention of protecting your personal data regarding the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 (hereinafter referred to as “Law”). We process your personal data pursuant to the Law and with title of “Data Controller” within the purposes and methods specified below.

Methods and Legal Basis of Collecting Personal Data

Your personal data may be collected verbally, written or electronically, by automatic or non-automatic methods, through the affiliated units of our Company, the website, social media channels, call center, mobile applications and similar means. Your personal data can be created, updated, processed and kept in both digital and physical environment as long as your relationship with the Company continues.

Your personal data can be processed and transferred in line with the purposes set out in the title of “Your Personal Data and the Purposes of Processing” and by providing the express consent condition within the scope of the 1st paragraph or within the scope of processing conditions and purposes specified in the sections “ç, e and f” of the 2nd paragraph of Article 5 of the Law.

Processed Personal Data and Legal Basis

Your Personal Data is processed securely in accordance with the Law in order to provide a more appropriate service in accordance with the legal obligations or in company business and transactions.

Within this framework, following personal data has been collected:

In case of a visit solely to the website,

Transaction Security Data: Data group that needed for communication. (Phone Number, Address, E-mail, IP Address information).

In case of communicating with us through our Communication Department

Communication Data: Data group that needed for communication. (Phone Number, Address, E-mail, IP Address information).

Identification Data: Data group that contains information about the identity of the person. (Name, Surname)

Collected Personal Data

  • Carrying out the necessary work for real or legal third persons, institutions and organizations (employees, visitors, suppliers, business partners, etc.) that have a relationship with the company to benefit from the products and services of our company and its headquarters and units.
  • Fulfilling the legal and regulatory requirements arising from all relevant laws and secondary regulations and taking necessary measures within this scope
  • Conducting of inspection and regulation duties carried out by authorized public institutions and organizations and professional organizations with a public institution statute,
  • Fulfillment of information and document requests by judicial bodies and administrative authorities,
  • Listing, reporting, verifying and analyzing the use of products and services offered in our company and in all centers and units affiliated with the company, producing statistical and scientific information within this scope, developing our products and services, increasing satisfaction with our products and services, and within this scope making customizations for the user,
  • Carrying out market research, promotion and necessary information regarding our products and services, to evaluate complaints and suggestions, and contacting you directly through the communication channels shared with the Data Controller,
  • Taking all necessary technical and administrative measures for the system and applications within the scope of data security,

Pursuant to purposes and limits of processing personal data specified in Article 5 and 6 of the Law.

Persons to Whom Your Personal Data is Transferred and The Purposes of the Transfer

By ensuring that all necessary technical and administrative measures are taken to ensure the appropriate level of security in accordance with the Law and the relevant legislation, your Personal Data may be transferred to:

  • Persons, organizations and foundations pursuant to other relevant legislation,
  • Attorneys or attorney partnerships in order to conduct legal duties,
  • Direct or indirect, national or international shareholders,
  • Affiliated partnerships and associations,
  • Business partners,
  • Consultants,
  • National or international organizations that we receive and/or provide services, collaborate in order to conduct our business,

in line with the above-mentioned purposes; in case of an existence of one of circumstances specified in Article 5, regarding Article 8 of the Law or by providing explicit consent within the purposes and limits regarding Article 9.

Storing Your Personal Data

Your personal data will be processed, within the purposes specified in this clarification text, in compliance with the data processing and timeout periods in all relevant laws and other legal regulations, to which our Company and its headquarters and units are subject. In case of a change in the laws regarding data processing periods, the new determined periods will be taken as basis.

The Company deletes, destroys or anonymizes personal data when the purpose of processing personal data disappears or the mandatory storage periods determined under the Laws completed or other relevant legislation expire.

Your Rights

Pursuant to Article 11 of the Law, you may submit your information and application requests regarding your rights to our Institution in accordance with the "Communiqué on Application Procedures and Principles to the Data Controller". You can post your requests to the address at “Mansuroğlu Mah. 1593/1 Sok. Lider Centrio B Blok Kat.8 Daire.85 Bayraklı/İzmir, Türkiye” or send an e-mail at [email protected].

Data Controller

  • Title: 90Piksel Bilgisayar Blş. Elk. Taş. Tur. Tic. Ltd. Şti.

  • Address: Mansuroğlu Mah. 1593/1 Sok. No: 4 B Blok K: 8 D: 85 Bayraklı/İzmir

  • Phone Number: +90 232 229 00 90

  • E-mail: [email protected]